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Points system
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Автор:  Trencher [ 19 Квітня, 2009 1:01 ]
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Points system

Перевод не требуется.

This is a rundown of the points you will be awarded during ranked online play and/or single player with unmodified points files.
Team points

Team points are the points you will receive for everything in game with the exception of your personal kill, kill assist and commander points.

example: revives, re-supplies, destroying commander assets and capping flags.

Heal and repair points work on a 100% cycle system.

example: If you heal a player that was on 50 percent health you then need to heal another player with 50% health to reach 100% to get 1 heal point.

Revive (from critically wounded, not dead) = 2
Heal = 1 100% cycle system

Repair Vehicle (land, air or water) = 1 100% cycle system (of about a tank’s worth)
repair commander assets = 1 per asset.

Spec ops
Destroy commander assets = 1 per asset. Example : 2x artillery and 1x UAV trailer = 3 points

Re-supply (player or vehicle single reloadable unit) = 1
Defend flag = 1 point. You also receive 2 points for the kill.
Neutralize flag = 2
Capture flag = 2
Neutralize assist = 1
Capture assist = 1
Driver kill assist
Driver special ability = 1 point. Note: You receive these points while driving or piloting and someone that is in the vehicle with you receives combat or team points.

Kill points have their own column on your score board in game.
Negative kill points are taken off your team points not your kill points.
Kill enemy = 2
Kill assist = 1 point. Example: You shoot a player and take atleast 50% health off them then another player gets the kill after that.

Note: you will also receive a kill asist if someone in the same vehicle as you gets a kill
Negative Points
Team vehicle damage = -1
Team damage = -2 ie: shooting a team member but not killing them.
Team kill = -4
Suicide = -2 points.

You get these negative points when you kill yourself with something that can hurt enemies. For example, frag grenades, explosives, the suicide button on your spawn screen, and vehicles. If you die involuntarily you don’t get -2, such as if you jump from a height or crash a car.

Note: Loading the front of a vehicle with C4 and raming it into an enemy vehicle (causing detonation without using the detonator) will result in you killing him and him also getting the kill on you. You will not get -2 suicide points for this.

Sometimes you will team kill and get -6 points, this happens becuase often you will get -2 team damage with your first shot then -4 with second and fatal shot.

The team kill punish system is there to aid in your removal from the server. Not to take your points away. If you team kill you will get -4 minimum regardless of whether you are punished or not. Each punish will count towards the maximum number that each player is alotted before they are kicked/banned.

The commander score is the sum of all commander points earned. The commander points are every point earned by a member of your team during your reign as commander divided by the total of living team members at the given time.

Kills with artillery will count towards you global kills and kills with the kit you are using but do not directly add points to your score.

After each round has finished the commander of the winning side will have his points for that round doubled.

For more details on how points can be earned and lost visit the following pages team profile, Combat Profile

Автор:  Trencher [ 20 Квітня, 2009 1:14 ]
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Тем кто играет, перевод не нужен. А те кто не играет, оно некчему.

Автор:  GENERAL [ 20 Квітня, 2009 9:48 ]
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Командир получает среднее число очков от всей команды, если команда выигрывает то очки умножаются в 2 раза.

Автор:  Trencher [ 17 Червня, 2009 6:42 ]
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